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15 Incredible Seniors Who Showed That Age Is Just A Number

Age is nothing more than a count of the number of years you’ve lived on this planet. It does not provide an accurate indication of a person’s potential, performance, skill, or anything else. While many people keep whining about growing old and getting wrinkles, some others try to make a difference in their lives no matter how much time has passed.

Here are 15 people in their golden years who stuck with their diet plans and workouts, and turned out to look much younger than they should.

Scroll down and try to guess their age. I bet you’ll fail.

#1 Tatyana Nekludova

Old But Incredible

Nekludova has two children and 3 grandchildren. She used to be an engineer and now, in her 60s, she has had a change of career. She is currently working as a model and undoubtedly, she’s doing an amazing job.

#2 Ivan Petkov

Old But Incredible

Ivan Petkov was a certified art teacher and worked a normal job at a school. His career took a kick off the ground when he started sketching for theater decorations. Eventually, he even performed in the movies. Now, at 56 years of age, he is a senior model.

#3 Veruschka von Lehndorff

Old But Incredible

While many fashion models have a tendency to retire in their late 20s, Veruschka von Lehndorff chose to stick to her career. She was a sensational icon back in the 1960s and she returned to the industry once again at the age of 78 becoming an inspiration to rookie models. Now aged 82, she is still rocking her new face with Acne Studios, a Swedish brand.

#4 Alessandro Manfredini

Old But Incredible

Manfredini is a 49-year-old former sculptor and fashion designer turned fashion model. His dazzling silver hair that seems to have come straight from a conditioner commercial has become his trademark in the industry.

#5 Whang-od

Old But Incredible

This 104-year-old woman is the oldest tattoo artist in the Philippines. Having lived past a century, she is still continuing her favorites. Unlike modern tattoo artists, she uses an old technique that involves a thorn, a bamboo stick, coal, and water.

#6 Jim Arrington

Old But Incredible

Jim Arrington is the world’s oldest professional bodybuilder. He began his career at the age of 15 but this still rocks the industry several decades later.

#7 Maye Musk

Old But Incredible

Even if you haven’t heard of her before, you must certainly know her son, Elon Musk, the billionaire looking to revolutionize transportation on both Earth and in space. Maye is not just a proud mother but also a model and a recognized nutritionist. Can you guess her age? She is 72 and knows how to eat to look great.

#8 Wang Deshun

Old But Incredible

The hottest grandfather in China radiates a powerful message to the world with his motto “Never give up”. Routine exercise is what gives this 85-year-old confidence to work down the Runway with spirit and display his iconic postures.

#9 Lauren Hutton

Old But Incredible

This 77-years-old American model and actress is living proof that once a star is always a star. She became a famous model in the 1980s and she has no intention to retire any time soon. Her proficiency has earned her many roles in movies and was recently featured in a Calvin Klein underwear campaign.

#10 Ron Jack Foley

Old But Incredible

Blessed with confident eyes, perfect body structure, and gorgeous hair, Ron Jack Foley has become a true fashion icon. Being mentally and psychically fit, he insists that age can’t stop the spirit of lifestyle.

#11 Robert Marchand

Old But Incredible

Robert Marchand has always been a sports enthusiast, but it was only after he passed 100 years of age that he became a celebrity. He holds the world record for cycling 100km and for the longest distance cycled in one hour, in both the 100-105 and over 105 years old age categories.

#12 Eveline Hall

Old But Incredible

Eveline Hall was a professional ballerina in her native Germany before her modeling career began in her mid-60s. This lady with a natural grace is 73 years old and has posed for prominent fashion photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier and Peter Lindbergh.

#13 Philippe Dumas

Old But Incredible

Philippe Dumas’s life changed after he decided to grow his beard. His beard drew him attention from several modeling agencies and currently works with many recognized designers, brands, and magazines.

#14 Chuando Tan

Old But Incredible

You’ll never guess his age! This incredible young-looking man with perfect wrinkleless skin is 55 years old! He is a Singaporean photographer. If you ever meet him, don’t forget to ask about his top-secret anti-aging potion.

#15 Ernestine Shepherd

Old But Incredible
Source – shepherdernestine | Instagram

Her entire life changed after she decided to get rid of her chubbiness in her 50s. Now at 85 years of age, Ernestine Shepherd is a professional bodybuilder and also the world’s oldest competitive female bodybuilder.

Remember, you are NEVER TOO OLD to rock the world!

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