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40 Signs That Defy The Purpose Of Communication

Clarity is the basis of communication. A lack of clarity in communication can do a great deal of damage. When it comes to information-carrying signs displayed in public, they should strictly be brief and precise. To be honest, not everyone succeeds in proper communication. The “Useless, Unsuccessful, and Unpopular Signage” Facebook group encompasses such epic fail attempts at communication, and here are 40 of the best ones.

The UUU Signage project began in November 2014 and since then, the group has garnered nearly 191k members. Throughout their long journey, they’ve been dedicated to one thing and one thing only. That is, useless signs that just don’t make any sense.

Check out these signs and if you had a good hearty laugh or got more confused than ever, go ahead and join the UUU Signage group.

#1 The Drawing Really Helped A Lot

Source – Kori A Butler | Facebook

#2 Doctors Don’t Want You To Know This

Source – Samuel Maffit | Facebook

#3 I Honked

Source – Andrew Shanks | Facebook

Lisa McLendon, the William Allen White Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications and the coordinator of the Bremner Editing Center at the University of Kansas, highlighted to Bored Panda that when it comes to making signs: “Clarity and brevity are essential. You only have a second or two to get your message across, so you want people to understand quickly with zero confusion”.

#4 I Have Now

Source – Sarah Strahan | Facebook

#5 “Ah Yes, Another One Of Our Many Exciting Deals!”

Source – Lauren Carrigan | Facebook

Lisa noted that proofreading before making a permanent decision cuts the expenses of having to fix a mistake after it’s too late.

She also stated that the font we choose plays a major role in effective communication. “Choose your font with readability in mind. It should be clear and readable at a distance; you don’t want to make people puzzle through a swirly script.”

#6 The Choice Is Yours!

Source – Kate Anderson | Facebook


Source – Ashley Rosado | Facebook

#8 Looks Like Someone’s Had Enough

Source – Samantha Tame | Facebook

The UUU Signage group incorporates everything from ads to screenshots to memes. But the admins wholly encourage original content – photos that people have taken themselves.

#9 The Owner Didn’t Want To Pay Anyone

Source – Stephanie Croshaw | Facebook

#10 Pretty Sure This Is The First Time Most Of Us Are Getting Called:

Source – Cailey Bisgould | Facebook

#11 Man, I Love Frogs

Source – Melissa Anne | Facebook

#12 What A Dramatic Escalation!

Source – Chyleigh Harmon | Facebook

#13 When You No Longer Wants To Deal With Your Man

Source – Kelly Sedlak | Facebook

Laughing at these silly and (sometimes) outright mental signs is easy. But what we should also recall is that everyone is prone to mistakes.

Perhaps the signmaker was having a tiring day that he didn’t want to take a second look at his design at all. Or maybe their proofreading skills weren’t exactly top-notch. Either way, we should all be grateful for these chaotic designers who unknowingly (or not) managed to put a smile on our faces.

#14 The More You Look At It, The More Bothersome It Becomes

Source – Anna Hicks | Facebook

#15 Ever Seen Paperless Towels?

Source – Hansen Murphy | Facebook

#16 The Mechanic Left This In My Girlfriend’s Car After Being Serviced… The Car Is Still Dirty. Wonder What The House Looks Like?

Confusing Signs
Source – Michael Dylan Faas | Facebook

#17 A Stalker’s Dream Come True

Confusing Signs
Source – Shravan Sunil | Facebook

Lisa further added that capitalization is fine if it’s just a few words but over usage in large blocks of text will make the message incoherent. “It’s also harder for people to read italic or highly stylized type, or type along a curve instead of a line,” she added.  Moreover, an unorderly arrangement of words could lead to the message being misinterpreted.

#18 This Was A Couple of Years Ago… And I Know What They Meant But… Still

Confusing Signs
Source – Dave Brideau | Facebook

#19 Only For Mathematicians

Confusing Signs
Source – Nigel Champion | Facebook

Lisa suggests that for the sake of certainty, you should always get another person to proofread the text in your sign. There are a great many spelling and grammar checkers, but such tools aren’t entirely reliable.

#20 Just… Why?

Confusing Signs
Source – David Bjorklund | Facebook

#21 Self-awareness

Confusing Signs
Source – Vivian Minus | Facebook

#22 Can’t Agree More But You Took It Too Far

Confusing Signs
Source – Caleb Hilston | Facebook

#23 Pawesome

Confusing Signs
Source – Aaron Schiff | Facebook

#24 Err… Okay

Confusing Signs
Source – Robin Caligiure | Facebook

#25 Damn Autocorrect!

Confusing Signs
Source – Taylor Mcclelland | Facebook

#26 Do Not Teach Fish Man He Will Destroy Us All

Confusing Signs
Source – Hunter Kinder | Facebook

#27 Your Opinion Is Not Our Concern Anymore

Confusing Signs
Source – Rachel Mower | Facebook

#28 We Don’t Want Anyone To Get Hurt So We’re Just Gonna Leave Them Here And Put Up A Danger Sign – MNGT

Confusing Signs
Source – Kerri Kay | Facebook

#29 For Those Of You Who Couldn’t Find Covid

Confusing Signs
Source – Kerri Saterfield | Facebook

#30 This Was In Front Of My Town Hall For A Couple Weeks Before Anyone Realized And It’s My Favorite Thing To Ever Happen Here

Confusing Signs
Source – Ariel Sullivan | Facebook

#31 Sorry 11th Ant, Not Today.

Confusing Signs
Source – Miles Izzo | Facebook

#32 Are You Speaking From Experience, Sir?

Confusing Signs
Source – Vera Bruursema | Facebook

#33 Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation Trying To Be Relatable

Confusing Signs
Source – Evan Waite | Facebook

#34 Finally A Honest Man

Confusing Signs
Source – Kevin Laviolette | Facebook

#35 Please Ignore The Price Tag And Enjoy The Chocolatey Clam-looking Sheep

Confusing Signs
Source – Howard Davies | Facebook

#36 So Does Mine! What A Coincidence!

Confusing Signs
Source – Jessica Kracoff | Facebook

#37 “Stay Carlm, Be Patient. And DO NOT Touch Vaggies! We Will Get Through This Togeher”

Confusing Signs
Source – Catherine Robertson | Facebook

#38 The Bank Was Trying To Be As Polite As Possible

Confusing Signs
Source – Nicole Eckstrom | Facebook

#39 Reminder: This Is Not Relationship Advice

Confusing Signs
Source – Kate McKay | Facebook

#40 Yeah

Confusing Signs
Source – Sam Doble | Facebook

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