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Lady Paints Fence To Make Her Nosy Bulldog Look Like A King And A Jester

A dog can shower you with more sincere affection with just a flick of his tail than a lifetime of handshakes. And whether they realize it or not, they are amazing entertainers. Bogart, a 4-year-old bulldog, has a rather nosy habit of jabbing his head through the nursery face. Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen, Bogart’s human decided that his futile jabbing habit might as well lighten up a passer-by’s day. So, overstepping the typical nook, she painted the exterior of the fence facing the road with some entertaining illustrations.

Dogs are naturally inquisitive creatures so this kind of behavior is no surprise for a dog owner. Whenever something catches their attention, they’d do anything to get a better look at it. And if there’s a hole in your fence and a cat flashes past, that’s the first place their head would go into.


Nosy Bulldog
Source –  Facebook

For Bogart, the hole in the fence of his human’s home is more than just a hole. For him, it is a portal to the outside world; a part of his unfatiguing daily routine. Unknowingly, his habit has become a source of entertainment for the passers-by thanks to his human’s clever artistic touch. His steadfast fanbase has already expanded beyond his neighborhood and reached complete strangers on the internet.


Nosy Bulldog
Source – Facebook

The two holes in the fence painted to look like a jester and a king resemble the photo stand-ins at carnivals. A video of Bogart peeping in and out of the fence holes has become a web sensation in Denmark. The video going viral doesn’t come as a surprise as there is no reason for it not to. The little mischievous act of the clueless bulldog is just too funny.

Also, it’s not just Bogart that’s become famous through the fence paints. His canine mother who copies his son every once in while has caught their neighbors’ attention too.

Watch The Hilarious Video Of This Canine Below:

Their videos were shared thousands of times leaving their human at a loss for words. She wrote on Facebook: “Bogart has gone viral in Denmark—he has also got on one of Denmark’s biggest influencers’ Instagram profile, and now I can see that he’s [on] a Norwegian dog group too.”


Nosy Bulldog

Like all dogs, Bogart is thrilled at all the attention he’s garnered at the cost of his unawareness of how he looks like.

Levinsen shared with My Modern Net, “Bogart is a sweet, very loving and happy little English bulldog. He loves to play, and he loves it when we are having people over—the more attention, the better, and he can be very insisting. He is the most stubborn dog I’ve ever had—if there is something he doesn’t want to do, he will not do it.”

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